Stump Grinding-Stump Removal

Stump Grinding-Stump Removal

What is the difference between Stump Grinding-Stump Removal . They are two completely different processes,

a brief explanation can be found below or contact Rob at All Access Stump Grinding to discuss your best service requirements today.

Stump Grinding –

Stump Grinding is a mechanical process utilizing a machine specifically designed for the purpose of grinding a tree stump and surrounding surface roots. Stump grinding does not in all cases remove the stump and roots completely it does however remove enough of the stump and roots to below ground level to make the area more usable.

Stump Grinding is fast, cost effective and less invasive and cleaner than Stump removal

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Stump Removal –

Stump Removal can also be a mechanical process (you can hand dig a stump out depending on size and access) utilizing a machine designed for digging, This machine can be either a bobcat or an excavator. This process completely removes the tree stump and surrounding roots by digging and creating a root ball. Root balls can be small or extremely large depending on the size of the stump being removed.

Stump Removal can be a slow process, expensive, messy and invasive to the immediate and surrounding areas.

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Why use All Access Stump Grinding.

Years of stump grinding and removal  has made us good at what we do.

We can stump grind around pools, on top of retaining walls up and down stairs, recently we ground stumps for a Civil Retaining Wall Contractor on a steep bank with a 10 meter drop with the tree stumps right on the edge of the retaining wall , that was a pretty amazing job.

No job is too small and some of our best customers for stump grinding in Brisbane are the home Gardner and Landscaper who sometimes have sensitive garden areas surrounding the stump grinding zone. With this in mind we set about the stump grinding process with all due care and attention to avoid any unnecessary damage to those sensitive areas.

With an experience and a skilled operator, aided by a powerful and adaptable Stump Grinder, All Access Stump Grinding Brisbane can get the job done for Electrical contractors, Building contractors, Plumbers, Fencers, Landscapers, and Home Gardner’s.

All Access Stump Grinding Brisbane can solve your stump problems today. Give us a call on mobile 0412 192 196 or email us at, to arrange a free quote.