Cost of Stump Grinding

Cost of Stump Grinding

The Cost of Stump Grinding depends on many factors and variables that we need to take into consideration before we can give you a firm cost of stump grinding for your job

However if your job is not out of the ordinary,  then generally you cost for stump grinding usually start from around $100-00.

If you think your job is a little unusual then please look at the following variables and contact us, or send as many photos and we will call you back to discuss your cost of stump grinding for your situation

These variables are as follows;

Size of stump ?

This can be measured in two ways.

Measure the length and width at the widest part of the stump and the height from the ground.

Alternatively compare the stump to an item that is commonly found around the home, for example a dinner plate or car tyre and again how high out of the ground it is.

Is the tree a softwood (Palm) or a hardwood (Gum tree)?

When was the tree cut ?

How long ago roughly was it felled.?

What access is there to the stump?.

Are there steps, raised garden beds, retaining walls, narrow gates (measure the width of the passage), is the stump inside a pool area or on a balcony.etc…..?

How many stumps are there to be ground ?.

We have no call out fee, most quotes and price estimates can be done with the aid of information and pictures supplied by you.

We offer discounts for more than three stumps.

As you can appreciate each stump and situation are different but with as much of the above information as you can provide, either by phone or email, we can give you an approximate price.