Bamboo Removal Brisbane



There are many types of Bamboo, some running and others that are clumping however in the wrong planting location, Bamboo can quickly become a major headache for all concerned.

Bamboo uses include. A fast growing screening plant. It is grown for ornamental purposes and in some cultures is grown for food and building materials.

The advantages of a well maintained bamboo plant are its incredibly fast growth rate and establishment time, making it an extremely versatile plant for privacy screening.

However these advantages can quickly become disadvantages, if not well maintained Bamboo can quickly become invasive and messy in the wrong planting location, it is particularly messy around pools and in small gardens it can create an ideal habitat for vermin such as cockroaches, mice and rats.

At All Access Stump Grinding Brisbane we can help, bamboo will no longer rule your life. We have extensive experience in the removal of bamboo and have too many success stories for stump grinding bamboo to mention.

With the aid of our bamboo munching stump grinder and an eradication program tailored to suit your specific situation, we can get on top of your bamboo removal.